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Kienyeji vaccination

Vaccination Schedule – Kienyeji Chicken

Kienyeji vaccination

Kienyeji vaccination

Vaccination schedule for Kienyeji, KARI, Kuroiler and Kenbro

Just because they are Kienyeji it doesn’t mean they can’t get sick or even die. Prevention is better than cure. Please make sure you follow the schedule to minimise the chances of losing your birds. A lot of farmers neglect the vaccination because the birds might look fine, but when the diseases strike you will lose more than you expected.

For the Intramuscular injection you should get a vet from your local AgroVet that can do it for you; most vet charge Ksh 3 – 5 per bird depending on your location.

Am sure its costed you more to buy the chicks, therefore a few more coins to make sure they don’t die is not a lot to ask.

1Marek’sIntramuscular injection
10 - 14Gumboro IntermediateDrinking water
15 -18NCD+IB Live (Newcastle)Eye drop/Drinking water
24 - 28Gumboro Intermediate PlusDrinking water
28 - 32NCD+IB Live (Newcastle)Eye drop/Drinking water
WK 6-8NCD Killed (Newcastle) orIntramuscular injection.
NCD+IB Live. (Newcastle)Drinking water
Fowl typhoidIntramuscular Injection
WK 8-10Fowl poxWing stab
Fowl choleraSubcutaneous injection
WK 12-14Fowl typhoidIntramuscular injection
WK 16-18NCD+IB Live (Newcastle)Drinking water/spray
WK 16-18Fowl choleraSubcutaneous injection

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