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Blue Swedish Duck

 Blue Swedish Duck

The  Blue Swedish is a medium-sized ducks larger than mallards. Their body type is very close to that of the Pekin Duck. Males are usually heavier than females. The male weighs between 3–4 kg and the female usually weighs 2.5–3.5 kg. Swedish Blue ducks are very calm birds and make good beginner’s ducks. They produce 100 eggs per year of 80–90 g weight. They love to free range and will go broody.

Swedish Blue

These attractive ducks are known for their blue colour and have a white bib that runs from under the bill halfway down the breast. They also have some white on their wings that creates a very eye appealing colour contrast with the blue. Swedish are very hardy ducks and good foragers. Drakes will weigh up to 8 pounds. The hens will weigh up to 7 pounds and will lay mostly white eggs with an occasional blue or grey tinted egg. The eggs are incubated for 28 days to hatching.

History and Status

This breed was developed as early as 1835 by farmers in Pomerania, which nowadays comprises the coastal regions of Germany, Holland and Belgium – but for many years in the past, this area was under the Swedish throne (hence this breed’s name).

Just like the Pekin and Campbell; the Blue Swedish Ducks have a mallard ancestry, and this breed has been developed for domestic uses, such as meat and egg production, as well as for use as decorative and ornamental ducks, or for enjoyment as pets. Even though they can fly, they rarely do, making them good choices as garden pets.

Our Prices

Our prices here at the farm for Day old – adult birds are as follows (price is per bird):

  1 – 10
Day old Ksh400
Week old Khs600
Month old Ksh1,000
Mature Ksh3500

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