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Duck Breeds

Duck Breeds in Kenya

Duck Breeds in Kenya

Our Duck Breeds

Ziwani Poultry Farm we are taking duck farming in Kenya to a higher level, we have various duck breeds for sale available all year round. Ducks are becoming more popular in Africa and we offer these different breeds to meet the demand. With our minimum order of 5 ducks. You will not be disappointed ordering from East African’s favourite Chicken, duck, goose and guinea fowls hatchery and farm. You can mix and match your ducklings and choose whichever sexes you want. At Ziwani Poultry Farm, we take pride in selling healthy ducklings to satisfied customers on a weekly basis. We sell ducklings from day old to mature laying ducks.

There are so many duck breeds in the world; Indian Runner, Rouen, buff, Blue and Black Swedish, White Layer, Pekin, Golden Hybrid With, Khaki and White Campbell, Cayuga, Welsh Harlequin, Mallard ducks etc. At Ziwani Poultry Farm we have 6 breeds of ducks, and with so many different breeds of ducks, you may have trouble deciding which breed you want. To help with deciding which breed you want, we have breeds table to compare Pekin, Khaki Campbell, Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, Mallards, Rouen, Indian Runner and Muscovy. This covers attributes such as egg production, duck weight, foraging and flying ability, egg size, temperament, and many more topics. Although every duckling is like a child, it develops its own unique personality, we want to start you off with the best duck breed to suit your needs; either good for meat or eggs.

Hatching your own

If you want to try your own hand in duck egg hatching, we offer fertilized duck eggs for sale at Ksh 150 each. If you already have a broody duck or chicken all you have to do is set the fertilized eggs in the nest. Another option is for you to purchase an incubator for your eggs. In 28 days you’ll have your newly hatched ducklings, Muscovy hatch in 35 days. This can be a great project for a class and definitely an experience that will never be forgotten.

Our Duck Breeds

Pekin duck in kenya
Khaki Campbell
Khaki Campbell duck in kenya
Blue Swedish
Blue Swedish duck in kenya
Black Swedish
Black Swedish duck in kenya
Mallard Breed in Kenya
MuscovyMuscovy duck in kenya Rouen Ducks
Indian Runner Ducks

Indian Runner Duck


Ducks are typically hardier than other poultry such as chickens or turkeys, some breeds like Campbell can lay as many eggs as the best chicken layers. They grow quickly and will rid your garden or yard of slugs, snails or any other bug they can find. Duck manure will increase the fertility of your soil and you can collect their feathers to make many arts and crafts.

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