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Fertile Hatching Eggs


Kienyeji fertile eggsfor sale

fertile hatching eggs for sale at Ziwani Poultry farm in kenya

Here at Ziwani Poultry we sell KARI improved Kienyeji, Kuroiler and quail eggs fertile hatching eggs at very competitive price. The eggs are from our own stock, we have  UNRELATED Cockerels breeding with hens at at ratio of 1:6. The cocks are very busy and fertility have been excellent this year.

Please note our eggs are regularly tested for fertility in our own incubators, we cannot guarantee fertility due to the way eggs are transported that is out of our control. We sell a minimum of 30 eggs (tray) at Ksh900.

We will only dispatch the most freshest hatching eggs (max 7 days old). Please ensure that hatching egg are rested point down at room temperature for 24 hours before you put them under the hen or in the incubator to settle their air cells

The postage costs are calculated for the Kenya only. If you require your eggs to be sent abroad please contact us stating the eggs that your require and the country you wish us to post them to. The buyer pays for the postage. Unfortunately when sending eggs abroad as transit can effect fertility.

Please contact us for Quail eggs price at Contact

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  1. Mwai says:

    Hi there, where exactly are u guys in Thika.

    1. Hi Mwai, We are in Thika – Garissa road.

      1. john mbugua says:

        i would like to buy kuroiler chicks. what is the procedure if i want to place an order and can i get about 100 chicks?



        1. Hi John.

          How many Chicks do you want to book and when do you want them? we have a 3 weeks waiting time. when you place an order you pay 20% of your total price on our mpesa 0708 923991. We have registered for ‘Lipa Na Mpesa’ we’ll add the number on our website when we get it from Safaricom.

          Kind Regards
          Ziwani Poultry

  2. Ben Schadrac says:

    Good job good people. I need to buy about 2000 Fertilized Kuroiler eggs ready to incubate. How much is one egg please? What is the process to buy from outside Kenya? I am starting a Kuroiler farm in Rwanda. I will be happy to take care of the shipping and handling cost. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ben,

      We appreciate your interest and we are really pleased when we see farmers from outside the country showing interest in our products. unfortunately we are not currently selling fertile eggs due to an increase in chicks demand. therefore we do not have enough eggs for our own incubators and for selling. we have a batch of young pullets that are 2.5 months old so they should be ready for laying in another 2,5 months. we’ll be then in a position to sell fertile eggs.in the mean time you can order our chicks which are selling at $1.1 for 1 week old plus processing and documentation fee, you will also have to pay for the flight.

      if you need any more information please email us at info@ziwnaipoultry.com or call us on +254 708 923991.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

    2. Dr. Nyamu says:

      Hi, I have fertilized eggs,

  3. Cyprian Ogoti says:

    I’m a farmer from Migori and I need 1000 eggs can they be delivered there and how much will I be charged?

    1. Hi Cyprian,

      I am afraid we are currently not selling fertile eggs, please check with us again in a couple of months time.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  4. Gerald magaleta phiri says:

    I need prices for 1,500 fertilised quail eggs in malawi.Lilongwe city




    Hi if i need 4weeks KARI IMPROVED I should order by?

  6. Alice says:

    Hi. can I get 30 fertilised khaki Campbell duck eggs sent to Mombasa? How much will it cost to send them. Are they packed in a way that they won’t break on transit?

    1. Hi Alice,

      We are not selling fertile eggs at the moment due to ducklings demand.
      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  7. Chajumi Poultry says:

    Dear Ziwani,
    We would like to place an order for 18 trays of fertilized kuroiler eggs. Kindly may I know the procedure and whether these can be delivered to us in Mbita, Western Kenya
    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      We can supply the 100 chicks and the 18 trays that you have enquired about but we have never tried sending to Homabay before, therefore unsure if it is possible at the moment. Please call us on 0708923991.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Farm Team

  8. musa says:

    Good aftenoon
    can i have 1200 Fertilized eggs to be sent to The Gambia or Senegal in West Africa and what would be flight cost ?

    1. Hi Musa,

      Thank you for your enquiry. We have never sent eggs to either country, therefore you need to find out your country’s requirement on importing eggs.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry Farm

  9. E. John says:

    I apreciate your work.
    I need to know if you can send me either import 2000 kakhi campbell dukcklings or ten trays of eggs to Tanzania and how much will it cost.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for you interest in the Khaki Campbell ducklings. Please call us on 0708923991.

      Many thanks
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  10. Yomb says:

    I am from Cameroon. I want to Know if you Can selle quail eggs to Cameroon in west Africa.

    1. Hi Yomb,

      Sorry for taking long to reply. Yes we do sell quail eggs at ksh15, thats $0.15.
      How many eggs are you looking to buy and when?

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  11. Njume Kennedy Bradocks says:

    What of transportation

    1. Hi Njume,

      Where are you located, we can send them via shuttle or deliver them to you depending on your location and order at a cost.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  12. Alice says:

    How much for a pair of khaki Campbell. Can I also get fertile Campbell eggs and how much? I’m in Mombasa so I reckon it would be far much easier and safer to send the eggs than the birds.

  13. Yassin says:

    Hey i need 1000 broilers bt am in mombasa how can i get them

    1. Hi Levine,

      We do not sell Broilers, we only sell Kuroiler. please check what you really need.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  14. IRENE KINUTHIA says:

    Can I get Leghorn eggs and at how much per tray

    1. Hi Irene,

      Yes we have them, they are ksh100 per day old chick.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  15. Alex Hoka says:


    1. Hi Alex,

      Am afraid we are not selling fertile Khaki Campbell eggs at the moment due to ducklings demand. Tray again in 2 months time

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Happy team

  16. Sahra Hamisi says:

    How much per egg and er duckling till reach Tanzania?

    1. Hi Sahra,

      We are currently not selling eggs, but when we do we sell them at ksh150 each.

      Duckling are ksh250, transport will depend on the amount of ducklings you have bought.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry Team

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