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Fertile Hatching Eggs

Fertile Hatching Eggs

Here at Ziwani Poultry we sell KARI improved Kienyeji and Kuroiler fertile hating eggs at very competitive price.

Please note our eggs are tested for fertility in our own incubators, we cannot guarantee fertility due to the way eggs are transported that is out of our control. We sell a minimum of 30 eggs (tray).

We will only dispatch fresh hatching eggs (max 7 days old). Please ensure that hatching egg are rested point down at room temperature for 24 hours before you put them under the hen or in the incubator to settle their air cells

The postage costs are calculated for the Kenya only. If you require your eggs to be sent abroad please contact us stating the eggs that your require and the country you wish us to post them to. The buyer pays for the postage. Unfortunately when sending eggs abroad as transit can effect fertility.

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