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four weeks old Kuroiler

Kuroiler chicks

four weeks old Kuroiler

Kuroiler chicks at two weeks old

Kuroiler are the best thing to have happened to poultry farming as they are good as free range and in a housed setting. Most people are going for free range egg and chicken meat because they are organically produced. The hens are allowed to roam around the field pecking on grass and bugs, no hormones used in the feeds to fatten them up.

As you can see from the image on the left, the chicks are huge compared to ordinary kienyeji, by three weeks you can stop heating them making huge saving. They reach slaughter age at 3 -4 months and lay more eggs.

Kuroiler is a hybrid breed of chicken developed in India. they are dual-purpose breed producing more meat and eggs compared to ordinary kienyeji (indigenous) chicken. In Uganda they have been rearing Kuroiler for years and farmers there have been ripping the benefit while we watch in Kenya. Just like Kienyeji they are disease resistance but for have to vaccinate them to maximise your profit in case of any poultry disease outbreak. By the time they leave our farm, the Kuroiler chicks will be vaccinated against Marek’s disease at day-old as well as against Gumboro. If you are buying a 4 weeks old chick it will also have been vaccinated against Newcastle and Gumboro.

If you are buying our 1 Week old Kuroiler chicks they will have had Gumboro therefore we advice you to vaccinate them against Newcastle a week after you receive them. We also recomend that you repeat the Gumboro and Newcastle vaccines at Week three and four respectively.

 Kuroiler Chicks Prices

1 Week Old Kuroiler Chicks – Ksh 100
2 Weeks Old Kuroiler Chicks – Ksh 180
4 Weeks Old Kuroiler Chicks – Ksh 290

The best price for Genuine Kuroiler chicks in Kenya.

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