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Our Farm

Ziwani Poultry offers KARI, Kuroiler and Kienyeji breed day old chicks and fertile hatching eggs as well as other pure breeds – Red Island Red, Light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran, Indian Game, Jersey Giant and Leghorn (white, black and exchequer)  our eggs can be set in an incubator or under a brooder hen, most farmers buy them to improve their Kienyeji chicken. Visit our products page for more info.

Ziwani Poultry is the true home of KARI and Kuroiler chicks, we sell genuine breeds, kept separately and feed with a balance diet to ensure best offspring and keeping them happy by being free in a two acre farm. they are free to roam around.

Farm Visit

You can come and visit the farm at any time between 8am – 4pm. We are open 7 day a week. But due to bio security (hygiene and disease control) reasons visitors are not allowed to access the hatchery. For eggs, chicks or ducklings collection you can come to the farm or a location can be arranged. We ship nationwide and all around East Africa.


We not only offer day-old-chicks and hatching eggs we sell mature cockerels and POL (point of lay) hens in a variety of breeds which include;- KARI, Kuroiler, Kienyeji and other rare pure  chickens breeds in Kenya are available for sale, visit our products page for more info.

We also have 6 duck breeds; for more details, click on:-http://www.ziwanipoultry.com/duck-breeds/

Here at Ziwani Poultry we do our best to give the best service to our customers, we understand that our customer (farmer) is our employer, without the farmer we are out of business. We are happy to give any advice on poultry raring, incubating and rearing day old chicks using the methods that work for us, therefore feel free to contact us either via email or telephone,  any questions to guide you to successfully rearing your chicks.
We also have a lot of advice on poultry farming; feeds formula, feeds & vaccination schedule, housing and marketing in Kenya on our website.

You can pay us throught Mpesa PayBill

PAYBILL NO:- 516600
ACCOUNT NO:- 0460094073001

Ziwani Poultry Farming in Kenya - Ziwani poultry KARI, Kuroiler, Kienyeji chicks and fertile hatching eggs for sale to promote poultry farming in Kenya