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About Us

Ziwani Poultry Farm

Ziwani Poultry Farm is located in Thika, Central Kenya. It all started as a hobby importing eggs from abroad to improve the local indigenous chicken. We offers a wide range of kienyeji and rare breed day old chicks and fertile hatching eggs, we sell KARI and Kuroiler chicks. Although we work closely with KALRO (formally KARI) we are a unique and independent supplier of high-quality poultry hatching eggs and chicks in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Our aim is to improve Kenya poultry farming by breeding superior Indigenous (Kienyeji) breeds and sell our products at a competitive price to increase consumption of eggs and chicken, revenue generation in rural areas and to achieve this, we promise to deliver the highest quality chicks and hatching eggs at competitive prices, from the most bio-secure production farms in East Africa.

We have been importing chicken and duck eggs from all over the world to improve Kenyan indigenous (Kienyeji) chicken and the whole poultry farming in Kenya, but most of our breeds are from Europe; Indian Game, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (White, Black and Exchequer), Light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran and Plymouth Rock, Pekin duck, Mallard duck, Indian Runner duck, Black and Blues Swedish duck.

To maximise successful breeding our birds are fed a top quality breeding ration and live in clean, disease free, well-maintained environment, with both internal & external enclosures.

Our chicks are healthy and strong. The chicken are excellent layers and reach maturity quicker than the ordinary Kienyeji kuku.

Remember heat is required for up to 4 weeks and the minimum order is 50 chicks.

We also offer incubation service at an affordable rate from Ksh15 per egg Click for Rates

Placing an order

When you place your order you need to decide on how many chicks you require the age and sex. please not that for Day Old and week old chicks there is a minimum order of 50 chicks; since they need to keep each other warm as they travel to their new home.

For ducklings we have a minimum order of 3 ducklings for Day old and Week old. Ducklings needs heating for 2 weeks.

After your order make sure you have the necessary equipment that you require to rear your poultry; drinker, feeder, heat lump (where necessary). For day – week old remember you will also need- Liquid paraffin, Vitamins or Glucose, they can all be acquired from AgroVets

For more about us and poultry farming in Kenya please view our products or contact us for more information

Lipa Na Mpesa
TILL NO: 811311