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Kienyeji (Indigenous)

Kuroiler chicks

Our Kienyeji are a cross breed of the normal kienyeji chicken with  prolific laying breeds like the Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex and warren. Our chicken are docile, hardy excellent and reliable layers –  they produce an average of 230 eggs per year, disease tolerance and very friendly in nature. As you can also see from the photo we have a variety of different colours. Very good at free range as they are good foragers they are also Large fowls the cockerels can reach 3kg at 5 months. As you can see we are eager to improve poultry farming in Kenya by bringing a more superior breeds and training local farmers on best poultry husbandry.

We will also start selling the pure breeds once we have enough stock to sustain the demand. We start selling our chicks at 1 week old.

1 week – ksh 100

2 Weeks – ksh 170

4 weeks – Ksh 260 .

Fertile Eggs – Ksh 900  per tray.

Visit the products page for more chicks and eggs prices – PRODUCTS.
you can also contact us for more information about our Kienyeji breed and poultry farming in Kenya generally.


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