We supply F1 Kienyeji Improved Chicks, Ducklings, hatching services and Training

four weeks kienyeji

Kienyeji chicken rearing

four weeks kienyeji

four weeks kienyeji for sale in Ziwani Poultry in kenya

At Ziwani poultry we sell kienyeji chicks at 1, 2 and 4 weeks old, we are taking kienyeji chicken rearing to another lever. Although Our kienyeji (indigenous) chicken are resistant to most diseases we vaccinate them against poultry diseases. there is high demand for kienyeji chicken and eggs, as most people prefer organic chicken. As free range you save on housing and feeds.

As mentioned above; just because they are kienyeji it doesn’t man they do not need to be vaccinated. actually they to be vaccinated regularly against Newcastle, gumboro other fowl disease and de-wormed every month or so.

Best thing about Kienyeji is that they consume less feeds (up to 80% less) since they are always outside roaming and foraging for food. Their meat and eggs go for a premium – a very big +.

Kienyeji chicken rearing in Kenya has never been easy; with all the training being offered, lots of help online, an increase in hatcheries, improved breeds, demand is high ……… I can go on and on. Have a look at out products page or contact us for more information.


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