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Ziwani Poultry Downloads

Ziwani Poultry Downloads

Poultry Downloads and advice

Ziwani Poultry at the heart of Kienyeji farming, every little help to guide and educate Kenyans on the best poultry husbandry. The Poultry download are to help you to look after your birds.

If you are keeping your chicken in a free range setting then you need to reduce the feeds accordingly as they will forage for insects, bugs and grass.

For the feeds formulae, you can find most of the materials in some AgroVets, alternatively you can visit Thika around Munene industries there you can get all the materials.

Please click on links below to download the attachments for advice on Kienyeji rearing/ farming

Feeds Schedule




– Gumboro Disease or Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD):

– Kienyeji Chicken vaccination schedule

We offer Kienyeji Rearing training  Manual to all our customers. It covers everything from; Housing, feeding, diseases, brooding, record keeping, chicken processing and marketing. Please ask for the Training Manual once you have placed your order and paid the deposit.

Please use the contact form or the comment box below to ask for any other advice, we can add another download to help you in Kienyeji farming as a hobby or commercially.

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