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1 week KenbroKenbro is a dual-purpose breed which lays more eggs and its high rate of growth is higher than the ordinary Kienyeji (indigenous) chicken, the size of the eggs are much bigger compared to the Kienyeji. Therefore with proper feeding they can attain 4kgs or for the hens they can start laying at five and a half months.

They are also hardy just like the Kienyeji; they can scavenge for food and are more disease resistance.

Just like any other chicken Kenbro do moult for five or six weeks, therefore you should expect them to stop laying for the duration in a year. They use this period to relax and for the eggs to start forming again.

If you are planning to keep Kenbro or any other breed for fertile eggs to hatch you need to make sure you source the cockerels from other farmers who have pure breeds to prevent incest in your flock.

The only disadvantage of Kenbro is that they are heavy feeders compared to kienyeji, Kuroiler and KARI, and just like Kuroilers they do not go broody, therefore even when they are moulting they do not sit on their eggs.

The above can be covered by either having them as free rage so that they can roam outside and scavenge foe their own food or you can have Sukuma wiki, other greens and leftovers as supplements to the feeds to reduce the feeds cost

You can also use other indigenous chicken to sit on the eggs or use an incubator to hatch the eggs laid by your Kenbro birds.

1 Week old chick @ Ksh 110

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57 thoughts on “Kenbro

  1. Ben says:

    Can i get about 15-2 days old chicks in karatina and at how much, whole summation

    1. Hi Ben,

      Our minimum order is 50 chicks if you want us to post them to you, chicks at day old to 1 week old need to keep each other warm. That is why there is a minimum order. If you can come to pick them up then you can collect from 20 chicks and above.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry happy Team.

  2. cate says:

    how much does 1 Kenbrow egg cost am located in Nyeri

  3. Ally says:

    How much is the Kebron one month old chick?can you ship to Dar-Tanzania and arrival well without any mortalities?I’m arranging to order 1,500hds @ from Kenbro and Kali,so I will order up to 3,000hds unisex in total from one month old.Olso I’m still checking on the ducks and in few days I will know the exactly number that I will gona order as well,and I will like all the order come along in one shipment so to avoid more cost since I’m living up country.
    And how do I pay when I’m ready?

    1. Hi Ally,

      Yes we can ship them to Dar. I think its better if we send them via air. Please contact us on 0708923991.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani poultry farm

    2. Hi Ally,

      Yes we can ship them to Dar. Month old are ksh260 each. I think its better if we send them via air. Please contact us on 0708923991.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani poultry farm

  4. Anne ochieng says:

    Am in butula how can I get100 kenbro fertilized eggs,cost of each egg and delivery cost

  5. Martin mwangi says: u sell kenbro fertilized eggs and at how much..whats the minimum i can buy

    1. Hi Martin,

      We are not selling any eggs at the moment. Check with us in a months time.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani poultry farm

  6. francis kamau says:

    hi ama Francis from Nairobi I need 200birds kenbro 1week old

  7. Lilian mbugua says:

    Hey ziwani,how much are the “suxxes”(white with black tie) .2months old?

  8. frederick says:

    Am fredrick from mwea.I need to purchase 1 week old kenbro chic.pliz what is the cost of one chick.

    1. Hi Fredrick,

      Day old chicks are ksh70 each. Plus the cost to send them to Mwea, which depends on the number of chicks bought.

      Kind regards
      Ziwani poultry farm

  9. Cosmas Opili says:

    Am on Busia and so much interested in kenbro,how many eggs does it lay in a year and how much does the egg sell at the market?

    1. Hi Cosmas,

      They lay around 280 eggs per year, price per egg depends on your location. It’s hard for me to tell how much you would sell them in Busia as we are in Thika, too farm from busia. You’ll need to do your homework and find out the cost of an egg in Busia, whether table of hatching eggs.

      Kind regards
      Ziwani poultry farm

  10. Stephen says:

    I need 100 kenbro chicks 3 weeks old. Ni how much per chick and need them delivered in chuka

  11. Anne Ndungu says:

    Hi,am Ann from Mwea. Need one mnth old chicks n are they affected by the change of weather? How much is one egg cz I want tobrear for business?

    1. Hi Anne,

      I don’t thing there is much difference between Thika and Mwea in terms of climate, but if you are worried about the weather change affecting the chicks, you can buy day old which won’t be affected at all.

      A kienyeji egg goes for around ksh15 each.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Team

  12. gilbert says:

    i want one week old chicks kienyeji where can i find you in Nairobi call 0705796871 gilbert

    1. Hi Gilbert,

      We are located in Thika but we can send them to you in Nairobi. call us on 0708923991.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry team.

  13. Jackson mutinda says:

    Hi ziwani poultry am about to start the practise and need your advises where are u located while in thika town

    1. Hi Jackson,

      We are located in Ngoliba, Thika along Garrisa Road.
      We are open 8am – 5pm Everyday of the week.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Farm

      1. CHRISS MUTINDA says:

        where specifically are you located in Ngoliba?

        1. Call us on 0708923991

          Kind Regards
          Ziwani Poultry Team

  14. Josephine says:

    I am in voi and I need to buy kuroiler chicks 2 weeks old. How much will it cost 500 birds plus transportation

    1. Hi Josephine,

      2 Weeks old Kuroiler chicks are Ksh160 per chick. We can send them to Voi at a cost of Ksh1800 (the whole consignment).

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  15. Robby says:

    Good job, do u sell eggs for those breeds am Robby

    1. Hi Robby,

      Yes we sell the eggs breeds from Ksh850 per tray.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  16. Yussuf Adow says:

    Am Yussuf from Tana River
    I wanted layers who are already mature.How much do they cost and can they survive in Tana River.I also need guidance on the shelter type for this chicks

    1. Hi Yussuf,

      Do you mean female Kienyeji chicken that Lay or exotic layers (the brown ones)?
      If you are talking of Kienyeji, then the mature ones are ksh900 each.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  17. O.A says:

    Guys I need only cockrels a month old can I get a price quotation so that I can decide on the number of birds in will need?Also, I am located in kitale let me know if I can have them send to me.


    1. Hi,

      They are Ksh290 each. We can send them to you, the cost of transport ill depend on the number of chicks you require.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Team

  18. sigey says:

    am in bomet and want kenbro, i do get; 0716459098

    1. Hi Sigey,

      How many chick, at what age and when do you want them?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Happy team

  19. Nancy says:

    How do I get them in Uganda kindly I need white Leghorn and kari 300chicks

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I can send them to you in Uganda, how many leghorn chicks do you want?

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  20. George says:

    am at Kilifi County where are you located

    1. Hi George,

      We are in Thika

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  21. kevin mbugua says:

    Hae can I get a month old layers chick and at what price kind regard

    1. Hi Kelvin,

      We have Kuroiler, Kari and our Ziwani Breeds. Which Breed do you want?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  22. Edwin Mokaya says:

    hi ziwani poultry farm,last time i visited ur farm ,i saw white leghorn,,,can i hv da breed i.e chicks,,plz

    1. Hi Edwin,

      Yes we do sell them. They are Ksh100 per chick, but if you want them sexed they are ksh120 per chick.

      Many thanks
      Ziwani Poutry

  23. kennedy mwenda says:

    what is the cost of 2weeks kenchick chick

    1. we don’t sell kenchick chicks. Please contact Kenchick

  24. Sir Alex Amani says:

    I’m based in Malindi Sub County in Kilifi County How can I buy a Stock Kenbro Chicks & Expertise On How to Keep Kenbro Chicks

    1. Hi Sir Alex,

      You can place an order from us for the chicks, but you will need to come and collect them. We also offer a free Rearing Manual to out customers.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani poultry

  25. Isaac Nunoo says:

    Thanks a lot for the information on your website. It has helped in expanding my knowledge on poultry. I sent an email to and still waiting for a response. Hope you will be able to reply soon.

  26. Simon Mungai says:

    Thanks alot Ziwani. Your website is very informative. Am a new poultry farmer and will keep in touch with you for assistance. May God bless your good work.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for the complement, ‘every little help’ is our moto.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  27. Victor Otiso says:

    Kindly let me know if you have fixed number of chicks one can order or once can order any number he or she wants.

    1. Hi Victor,

      For chicks younger than 3 weeks we have a minimum order of 50 chicks, since they need to keep each other warm while being delivered to their new home, from 3 weeks and up you can order whatever number you want.

      Kind regards
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. Patricia says:

        Am in kitui n how much does 50 lncluding transport cost

        1. Hi Patricia
          Day old are ksh70 each, due to the Coronavirus and the restrictions in place transport cost has gone a bit high, o think it would cost around ksh400 to send the chicks to Kitui.
          Please call us on 0708923991 to place an order.

          Kind regards
          Ziwani poultry farm

  28. Dorcas Mwende says:

    just like mwangi, i would like to ask the same quastion… please respond

  29. Mwangi says:

    I a while back did post a couple of queries that were for some reason deleted(?)
    Wanted to know the difference between Kenbro and Kuroiler apart from the obvious. Different articles claim they can grow upto 5-7kgs, is this true?
    Which among them is hardier?
    Which among them is tastier?
    Which among them is heavier?
    Which is most marketable?
    Which lays bigger eggs?
    Which lays most eggs?
    What are the various price differences for mature birds?

    away from that, how soon can we expect the Leghorn to arrive?

    thank you

    1. Hi Mwangi,

      KARI Prolific (good) layers compared to Kuroiler
      KARI Mature in 5.5 – 6 months – Kuroiler matures in 5 months
      KARI Lays Bigger eggs than Kuroiler
      KARI are same prices as Kuroilers but if your
      are selling per KG it would be less
      Kuroiler gain weight faster than KARI

      Kuroiler are on demand at the moment but i think its the usual Kenyan way of wanting what everyone want. but In mu opinion most farmers will end up going for KALRO (KARI) chicks in the future, as they have improved their breed dramatically. I have the new breed from KARI and they should start laying soon, from what I have seen they are laying around 280 – 300 eggs per year.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. Mwangi says:

        Thank you,

        Although my query was in relation to Kenbro vs. Kuroiler, with the questions asked.
        Kindly advice

        Thank You again

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