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 Ziwani TINTED is very popular attractively white layer for small scale and free range production conditions. This breed is very similar as old native breeds WHITE LEGHORN. We have the parent stock, therefore you will be getting the F1.

This breed is the best compared to all the rest in terms of eggs to feeds ratio. It is also the smallest in size/weight.

This breed is very attractive and highly adapted for sub-optimal and harsh production conditions for free range and small scale farming by our customers around Africa.

The big advantage of this breed is high egg productivity >315 cream shell eggs, start laying at 19 weeks till 68 weeks age (if they are feed commercial layer feeds).

Ziwani TINTED is the result of crossing paternal fast feathering White Leghorn stock with maternal slow feathering Rhode Island Red (RIR) stock.


Since both F1 male and female look alike (all white), Day old chicks are feather sexed. Day old cockerel chicks are slow feathering and day old hen chicks are fast feathering. But when they mature the female will remain white while the male will be white with a brown tint on the wing area.

We are only selling Day old chicks in the above breeds at a very friendly cost of Ksh100 each for strain run (as they come from the incubator) or Ksh120 for sexed chicks, therefore is you want to select the number of females and males the cost would be Ksh120 ($1.2).

Growing period till 18 weeks:
Livability 95-97%
Body weight at 18 weeks – females 1.4 kg
Body weight – males 1.7 kg
Feed consumption per one female 6.0 kg
Feed consumption per one male 6.4 kg
Laying period (from 19 till 68 week):
Livability 96-97%
Age at 50 % of lay 22 week
Top of performance 93%
Number of eggs (hen housed) 315 pcs
Average egg weight 62.5 g
Total egg mass 19.7 kg
Feed consumption per hen a day 115 g
Body weight at 78 week – hen 2.00 kg
Color of egg shell creme
Temperament quiet
Feather Sexed layer 1 day