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Ziwani BLACK

Ziwani BLACK

Ziwani BLACK

It is a very popular breed that produces attractively black layers for commercial and free range production. This breed is highly adaptable to sub-optimal and harsh production conditions for free range (Kienyeji chicken) and small scale farming by our customers Around Africa.

The characteristic of this programme is high egg productivity around 300 brown shell eggs (if they are feed commercial layer feeds).


Ziwani BLACK is result of crossing Barred Plymouth Rock paternal stock with Barred Plymouth Rock maternal stock. Day old chicks are feather sexed.


We are only selling Day old chicks in the above breeds at a very friendly cost of Ksh100 each for strain run (as they come from the incubator) or Ksh120 for sexed chicks, therefore is you want to select the number of females and males the cost would be Ksh120 ($1.2).


Growing period till 18 weeks:
Livability 95-97%
Body weight at 18 weeks 1.5 kg
Feed consumption 6.3 kg
Laying period (till 78 week):
Livability 93-96%
Age at 50 % of lay 23 week
Top of performance 91%
Number of eggs (hen housed) 290 pcs
Number of eggs (hen day production) 299 pcs
Average egg weight 62 g
Total egg mass 18 kg
Feed consumption per hen a day 122 g
Total feed consumption per hen 45 kg
Feed consumption per egg 155 g
Feed consumption per 1 kg egg mass 2.43 kg
Body weight at 78 week – hen 2.15 kg
Color of egg shell brown
Temperament quiet
Sexing by day old chickens Fether