We supply F1 Kienyeji Improved Chicks, Ducklings, hatching services and Training

We have been offering poultry training to farmers and their farm help to equip them with the best poultry husbandry. To book for training please call us on – 0708923991.

Best Poultry Training

Most of training takes place at our farm where farmers can get hands on experience, they can also see how we rear our birds, how our structures and equipment are made also best and easy way of doing things. You learn from our experienced staff, we also have a number of birds that you will learn how to rear; Chicken, Ducks, Geese, Quails, Guinea fowls, and Fantail Pigeons. .

  • Learn All about brooding
  • Vaccination, medication and diseases in Poultry
  • Housing structure, DIY feeders and drinkers
  • Mixing your own feeds, complete feeds formulae
  • Book keeping, advertising and marketing your products

Farmers Tips

Before coming for training decide on which birds you want to rear: chickken, ducks, guinea fowl quail or geese…

Please confirm with us on your training at least 2 days before the training…

Please remember that you are visiting a farm so clothes are likely to get dirty, so fo old clothes should be worn. gumboots are essential all year round. bring a book and a pen, also a camera is a useful way of recording…

You can buy our training manual before attending the training, which will make it easier for you to understand the training.

Customer Feedback

Training Charges

We charge Ksh1000 per person, the training only takes around 3 hrs. You can come as a groupe a[or Individual, most farmers come with their farm help who will be looking after the birds. We also go out to train farmers in Groups at their location.


Please remeber that this is a farm, therefore your clothes and shoes are going to get dirty. You need to come well dressed for the farm training; Wellington boots(gumboots), some old clothes as they will definetly get dirty. bring writting material to take notes, you can also take photos if it make it easier for you.

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