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Rouen Ducks

Rouen Ducks.

Male and female Rouen duck

Rouen Ducks

At Ziwani Poultry we have taken duck farming in Kenya to another level, we have over 8 duck breeds at our farm. Rouen ducks are beautiful birds, most people use them as ornamental birds because of their beauty. They are also reared for both meat and eggs. They can get up to 3.5 kgs and lay around 180 – 220 eggs per year

Rouen ducks come in two distinct shapes. The Standard Rouen is a massive duck that reaches weights between 9 and 10 pounds. It has a horizontal carriage, a large, blocky body with a deep, level keel, and its back arches from shoulders to tail. The head is round with a medium size bill that is concave along the top line. The production Rouen averages two pounds less than the Standard Rouen and has a trimmer body and more upright carriage. 

Rouen ducks have identical colouring to the wild mallards, in both sexes, and have been referred to as “Giant Mallards” in the past. Drakes have bright green heads, white colours, and dark red breasts and some green/blue feathers on the wings. Females are a mottled brown, it looks like a guinea fowl, and it has a black streak across the eye, and slight paler faces and some green/blue feathers on the wings. Juveniles resemble the females. Rouen Ducks are a breed that the male and female do not look alike, unlike Pekin, Mallard or Black and Blue Swedish.

Rouen duck are great water fowls for the ranch pond, they make good backyard ducks and are good for insect control. The Rouen duck is calm, sociable and very entertaining as pets. The Rouen duck is a slower grower than the Pekin. They also make good show ducks.

Our prices here at the farm for Day old – adult birds are as follows (price is per bird):

 Age 1 – 10
Day old Ksh400
Week old Khs600
Month old Ksh1,000
Mature Ksh3500

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