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Product Info

At Ziwani Poultry we sell good strong chicks. KALRO chicken, formally known a KARI Improved Kienyeji are excellent layers. We start selling our chicks at one week old to ensure they are strong enough for their new home. We are committed to improving poultry farming in Kenya.



KARI Improved

Day Old

Ksh 85.00

Week Old

Ksh 100.00

2 Weeks Old


3 Weeks Old

Ksh 200.00

Day Old KARI Chick

Month Old Chick

Product Description

KARI improved Kienyeji are easy to maintain since they can be kept under the free range system or deep litter depending on your financial ability and objectives.

Farmers who want them to mature faster or produce more eggs should keep them in a semi-intensive or deep litter system. This way the chickens don’t spend a lot of energy. As mentioned about, KARI Improved chicken are dual-purpose, therefore farmers have an option of keeping them as layers, for meat or both.

When fed with quality feeds available from accredited manufacturers, a hen can reach up to 1.5kg in five months and a cock weighs 2.1kg. A hen starts laying at 5 month old and can produce between 200 and 250 eggs a year, while Kuroiler lays 150 – 180 eggs. KALRO hens lays bigger eggs (size) compared to pure Kienyeji.

The minimum order for chicks is 50 (if you are buying chicks under 2 week old), this is to make sure they keep each other warm while they are being transported to their new home. For farmers buying 3+ weeks old chicks – minimum order is 10 chicks.

KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken was developed after years of intensive research under the National Poultry Development Programme. They have high diseas resistance just like pure Kienyeji, but with higher production; both eggs and meat


Vaccinated Chicks


All chicks are Vaccinated against the deadly Marek’s disease before leaving our hatchery . We also provides the farmers with a vaccination schedule against:- Gumboro Newcastle, Fowl pox etc.

The hatchery has a very high stand of bio-security. There is no order that is too big or too small for us.

  • Day 1 – Marek’s
  • Day 10 – Gumboro Intermediate
  • Day 14 – Newcastal +IB
  • Day 21 – Gumboro Intermediate Plus
  • Day 28 – Newcastal +IB

Free Range

The KARI Improved Kienyeji can be free ranged just like pure kienyeji chicken. If you want your chicken meat and eggs to taste like the kienyeji, then you need to let them free range or give them alot of green and vegetables

Please check our prices below, you can also contact us on 0708923991.

  • Day Old  – ksh 80
  • 1 week – ksh 100
  • 2 Weeks – ksh 150
  • Weeks – ksh 200
  • weeks – Ksh 260

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