Somalia Kuroiler Delivery

News on 19 Apr , 2017
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Somalia Kuroiler Delivery

Transporting Ziwani DO Chicks

Transporting Ziwani DO Chicks

Now our customers around East Africa can enjoy a quick delivery of orders of any of our breeds, with Kuroiler and our Ziwani breeding the most popular breeds.

They can now move fast from our hatchery in Ngoliba, Thika to either at a bus terminal in Nairobi or the Airport. We also send them via shuttle and bus services to most counties in Kenya, and in Kampala (Uganda) and Arusha (Tanzania)..

If you are interested in importing our chicks into your country; you would need to visit your country’s Ministry of Agriculture and find our what the requirements re for one to import chicks or eggs.

  • Day old chicks are Ksh85 ($1)
  • A tray of 30 eggs is Ksh900 (10)

Transport cost depends on your location plus documents fees of around $25.


Contact us on:-

Phone0708923991 or

4 thoughts on “Somalia Kuroiler Delivery

  1. Mohamed says:

    Can be able to get feeds formulation of 100kg of chick, growers and layers mash?

  2. Alo says:

    I went eggs fatalize

  3. Hi Alo,

    We are not selling eggs at the moment, we are selling day old chicks at ksh70 each.

    Many Thanks,
    Ziwani Poultry farm

  4. ALI says:

    Please stay a way from this guy. He is Running Scam. He owes me 2000$ . He never pick the phone.

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