Kuroiler chicks

News on 9 Jan , 2015
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four weeks old Kuroiler

Kuroiler chicks at two weeks old

Kuroiler are the best thing to have happened to poultry farming as they are good as free range and in a housed setting. Most people are going for free range egg and chicken meat because they are organically produced. The hens are allowed to roam around the field pecking on grass and bugs, no hormones used in the feeds to fatten them up.

As you can see from the image on the left, the chicks are huge compared to ordinary kienyeji, by three weeks you can stop heating them making huge saving. They reach slaughter age at 3 -4 months and lay more eggs.

Kuroiler is a hybrid breed of chicken developed in India. they are dual-purpose breed producing more meat and eggs compared to ordinary kienyeji (indigenous) chicken. In Uganda they have been rearing Kuroiler for years and farmers there have been ripping the benefit while we watch in Kenya. Just like Kienyeji they are disease resistance but for have to vaccinate them to maximise your profit in case of any poultry disease outbreak. By the time they leave our farm, the Kuroiler chicks will be vaccinated against Marek’s disease at day-old as well as against Gumboro. If you are buying a 4 weeks old chick it will also have been vaccinated against Newcastle and Gumboro.

If you are buying our 1 Week old Kuroiler chicks they will have had Gumboro therefore we advice you to vaccinate them against Newcastle a week after you receive them. We also recomend that you repeat the Gumboro and Newcastle vaccines at Week three and four respectively.

 Kuroiler Chicks Prices

1 Week Old Kuroiler Chicks – Ksh 100
2 Weeks Old Kuroiler Chicks – Ksh 180
4 Weeks Old Kuroiler Chicks – Ksh 290

The best price for Genuine Kuroiler chicks in Kenya.

186 thoughts on “Kuroiler chicks

  1. cheruiyot ngeno says:

    sent me details of kuroiler chicks in your firm

    1. ziwaniganjo says:

      Hi, Please send me an email on info@ziwanipoultry.com. If you view our products page or click below you will find more details on Kuroiler chick and their prices.
      Thank you again for showing interest in our products.

      1. Shariff says:

        am interested in your chicken three weeks chicks or two weeks or one week around 500 chicks.

        1. Hi Sherif,

          Thank you for showing interest in our products. We currently have 3 weeks old Kuroiler chicks that are going for Ksh 220. Pleas let us know if you are interested. or you can place an order, the waiting time is around 3 weeks. our mobile no. is 0708 923991

          Kind Regards,
          Ziwani Poultry

          1. Fidel ngowi says:

            Hi I need 1000 kuroiler chicks two weeks old, am in Dar please let me know the total cost

          2. Hi Fidel,

            Thank you for your interest. a box of chicks cost Ksh 1000 to transport to TZ, a box will hold 60 2 weeks old chicks, therefore for 1000 2 weeks old chicks you’ll have around 17 boxes.

            Many Thanks
            Ziwani Poultry

    2. Tumaini Beatus says:

      Am Tumaini Beatus from Tanzania. I realy need a reliable suppler of fertile eggs (PURE CUROILER) I want more than 1000 eggs. My Wassap No. is +255 713 828626. Please contact me for business

      1. Hi Tumaini.
        As discussed, we are not currentry selling Kuroiler eggs but we can export chicks to TZ.

        Kind Regards
        Ziwani Poultry

        1. Robert Yeborwo says:

          Pls am in Ghana and I need some kuroilers.pls let me know your prices may be up to Accra Ghana and how you can send it to it to me. U can call me on 233244170303 or send me a mail.tnx.

  2. Dorcas says:

    i need to buy the 4 wks chicks

    1. Hi Dorcas,

      How many chicks do you want and where are you located?

      1. faulata kibet says:

        hi when can i book i want 200 chicks 4weeks old and another does it matter the weather where u keeping them

        1. Hi Faulata,

          Thank you for showing interest in our products. yes you can book the chicks by paying the 20% of your order, which is Ksh11,600 (1 week old Kuroiler chick = Ksh 290). The order will take around 5 weeks to get the 4 weeks old chicks.

          Kind Regards,
          Ziwani Poultry

  3. Fred says:

    Do you have f1kroiler breed?

    1. Hi Musundi,
      What is f1kroiler?
      Our breeder flock (chicken) are 1st generation of Kuroiler, therefore we sell 2nd generation of Kuroiler; 1 week old @ 100, 2 weeks old @ 180 and 4 weeks old @ 290 Ksh.
      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  4. Eddie Odongo says:

    I’m impressed with your work ,I’m from Migori town I would like to order ‘a 4 Weeks Old Kuroiler Chicks 20 in number but in the month of March.I also want know the feeds,housing and Mgt of the breeds to enhance my productivity

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Thank you for the complement. We can rear the chicks for you to be ready by March; 4 weeks old Kuroiler chicks go for Ksh 290. Please visit my downloads page for the information you requested, you can download them and print them.


      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. Eddie Odongo says:

        I’m Greatful for timely feedback

  5. Peninah Ingati says:

    Need either 2 wks or 4 wk female & male kuroiler a good number

    1. Hi Peninah,

      We have chicks hatching this Friday therefore you will have to give us 2 more weeks from Friday to allow us to rear them for you. Our 2 weeks old Kuroiler chicks go for Ksh 180. Please call us on 0708 923991 to confirm the order.

      king Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  6. DORCAS MUHIA says:

    am interested in buying 4weeks chicks about 20 in number tell me more about them snd hoe I can get them am in embakasi

    1. Hi Dorcas,

      As discussed earlier, you will need to pay 20% and give us 5 weeks for us to rear the chicks for you for a 4 week, I’ll also drop them to you in Embakasi

      Many Thanks,
      Ziwani poultry

  7. Mugo Macharia says:

    I am starting a poultry business in Thika. Currently, I have 65 Kuroiler chicken. I plan on buying an incubator but I’ll need fertilized Kuroiler eggs (500) march 15. Please let me know if it’ll be availbale and how much per tray.

    1. Hi Mugo,

      We sell all our eggs at Ksh 900 per tray. We are currently hatching all our eggs but you can contact us a week before 15th of March then we’ll check if they will be available.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani poultry

  8. salum M Ndolanga says:

    hello Sir
    How are you? Im Looking to buy 500 Kuroiler day old chicks. Can you ship To Dar es salaam Tanzania? If you can please lets get intouch asap.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Salum,

      I think I answered you via email. We can ship to Tanzania but we sell our chicks from 1 week old to give them the best change in life.

      Kind Regards.
      Ziwani Poultry

  9. Martyn Charles Njoroge says:

    Hi,have been in search of info on kienyeji poultry n am pleased to have such a website. Very organised n up to date info, kudos! I would like to source frm u 4wks old kuroiler chicks amounting to smthng like 100 of them,am in Laikipia county jst 20km frm Nyahururu, please advise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Martyn.

      Thank you for showing interest and kind compliments. We are trying to educate people on Kienyeji chicken and the best Poultry Husbandry practice. The demand is huge so the waiting time is 3 – 4 weeks for 1 weeks old chicks. If you want the four weeks old you will need to wait round 7 – 8 weeks.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  10. M. Mkumbwa says:

    I am interested in buying 1000 kuroiler chicken eggs from you at any time whenever they are available. Please let me know if you can arrange for such a delivery to Dar es Salaam and how much it is going to cost me.

    1. Hi Mkumbwa.

      Thank you for your interest. We will have some eggs available in two weeks time, do you want us to arrange for delivery or will you be collecting them?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  11. Rahab Njeri says:

    Hi, i would like to start the poultry business am in Mombasa. i would like 20 one week old kuroiler chics and 30 one week old kienyeji (indigeneous) breed. What are the shipping costs?

    1. Hi Njeri,

      You can get them to sent to Mombasa via shuttles or if you know of anyone comoing to mombasa i can him/her the chicks to bring them down for you.
      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  12. Franklyne Ayugu says:

    Hi Thank for the good work. Can know if i can get a house plan for 100 Kuroilers althogh i want to start with fifty i am in kakamega God Bless You

    1. Hi Franklyne,

      Thank you for your comment. We have a plan on our downloads page, please click below and download the plan. 1 chicken needs a 2 ft x 2 inches = 4 sq ft. Therefore for 100 chicken you need 400 sq foot that is a house of or around 8 metres x 5 metres.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  13. Elshadai Farms says:

    Hello, how can I get the kuroiler here in Ghana. If transporting the eggs will be difficult, can I order for the eggs?

    1. Please check your email for response.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  14. I need 10 trays of Koroiler eggs. Can you ship them to mbeya tanzania?

    1. Hi Wilfred.

      Please check your email for reply.

  15. Are those 2 or 4 weeks old? When you click the image it says 4 weeks.

    1. Hi Winfred,

      We sell both 2 and 4 weeks old chicks. If you click 2 weeks old you on the products you get what you want not 4 week.

      Please check properly.

      Kind Regards.
      Ziwani Poultry

  16. chiraz says:

    i need 45 ferterlized kuroiler eggs

    1. Hi Chiraz,

      We are currently not selling our eggs. we have doubled our hatching capacity, therefore we do not have spare eggs to sell.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poulry

  17. Maurice Imbuga says:

    Thanks for good work you are doing I’m in kaka mega where are you located so that I can come to learn before I

    1. Hi,

      We are located in Thika and Kassarani.

  18. chris mugo says:

    Hi thanx for the input ur giving people on kuroiler,currently how much are 1week and 1weeks old chicks going for awaiting ur reply.

  19. nyamwaro says:

    Hi Ziwani,
    i need 200 one week chick and i am in kiserian town,
    want is needed from me so that i can get them by 10th of Apiril,

    1. Hi Nyamwaro,

      Can we make it 11th April (Saturday). you will also need to pay the 20% deposit now so that we can place your order. Till No. 811311.

      Kind regards.
      Ziwani Poultry

  20. Kabambe Poultry says:

    Where is your downloads page? Kindly email the link. I wish to download poultry house design. Do you have any poultry business plan?

  21. ken says:

    hi,i wish to rear kuroiler chicken,can you give me a number for more information or an email please.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Our no is 0708 923991

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  22. nyamwaro says:

    Hi ziwani,

    Thanks for want u are doing,
    u informed me that i can get chick’s on 11th April (Saturday) pleas confirm if i can get 400 1 wk, and can they be delivered to kiserian town,


    1. Hi Nyawmaro.

      Yes you can get them on the 11th, but I am afraid we do not deliver. You can collect them from Kassarani, or we can meet up at CBD.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  23. Imoli Lileji says:

    am in kakamega area.can those chicks servive here if so can u deliver them for me the ones of 180/= (6) to have a test on productivity and servival./thanks in advance

    1. Hi Imoli,

      The minimum order is 50 chicks, since they need to keep each other warm.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani Pultry

  24. EDITH KARIGU says:

    am in need and interested in reading kuroiler chicken about 200 one week old. where are you located and how soon can I get them?

    1. Hi Edith,

      We are located in Ngoliba, Thika. We currently have 550 1 weeks old Kuroiler chicks so let me know if you want some this weekend.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  25. Bitange says:

    can someone get ur kuroile chicks this week or next week,


    1. You can get some in two weeks time since this weeks and next week’s chicks have all been booked. But we have 2 weeks old at the moment, which are going for Ksh 160. How many do you want?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  26. anne mboya says:

    How can i get the chicks and eggs.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Contact us on 0708923991 and tell us how many chicks you need, we’ll tell you how long to wait for the chicks then you pay the 20% of your order. I am afraid we are currently not selling the hatching eggs.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  27. Nalianya says:

    Am In eldoret how can i get 100 CHICKS 2WEEK OLD?

    1. Hi Nalianya,

      Please call us on 0708 923991. we need more information, e.g. your location and when you require them.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. Nalianya says:

        I wanted 100 in number within the month of may. I stay in Matunda on Eldoret Kitale road

        1. Nalianya says:

          I still want your chicks. I cant reach you on phone.

  28. BELINDA says:


  29. chidi says:

    hi…i wash to rear the kuroiler breed…after howlong do they start laying and how is the productivity in terms of number of eggs??

    1. Hi Chidi,

      You are welcome to join the venture. They start laying at 5.5 to 6 months old obviously depending on how you feed them and with proper feeds that contain proper nutrients. some people starve them and expect them to reach maturity normally. Thy lay around 200 eggs per year.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. chidi says:

        do you guys have optimum feeding and housing conditions for maximum productivity?if yes i wish to get the schematics of a your housing designs and the specifics if any

  30. LUCAS OTIENO says:

    Where can I find you? I want to buy your chicks. Are you available in Coast too?

    1. Hi Lucas,

      We are Located in Thika where our farm is, but we do regular deliveries in Nairobi. We also send them all around the country via Shuttles or buses.
      How many chicks are you interest in buying?

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  31. Christopher Karani says:

    I’d like to buy 100 of the 4 week old chicks. When can i get?


    1. Hi Chris,

      I have 3 weeks old at the moment, they will turn 4 weeks at the weekend. You can either collect them from the Farm in Ngoliba, Thika or I can drop them for you at TRM, Kassarani.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry.

  32. Daniel Mbugua says:

    I would like to buy some kuroiler chicks are there any suppliers near Malaba,teso?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I am afraid we don’t have any suppliers in Western. You can arrange to come and collect them from Nairobi or check if there is someone coming from Nairobi that can collect and travel with them for you.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  33. raychelle says:

    good work…I want to rear kuroiler chicken and have some querries…can kuroiler chicks be housed near kienjeji chicken? which are the best feeds for kuroiler chicken? do you have ‘at the point of laying chicken’ currently?

    1. Hi Raychelle,

      Thanks, every little help. Yes they can be reared near Kienyeji, but remember they are like babies do they need a lot of care before you mix them with Kienyeji. They feed on Chicks Mash for 2 months then Growers till they start laying and layers from there on.

      No we do not sell POF chicken.

      kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  34. Mwangi says:

    Was wondering, how many vaccinations remain if one purchases the 4 week old chicks that have been vaccinated for Mareks, Newcastle(2) and Gumboro(20

    1. Hi Mwangi,

      Please click the link below and then click on the Vaccination schedule where you will see what else you need to vaccinate against and at what age.


      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  35. Mwangi says:

    Also, how soon do we expect the Leghorn breed to arrive?

    1. You will have to wait for a couple more months, we are still breeding our parent stock

      kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. Mwangi says:

        oh, you have already imported the parent stock? Awesome

  36. segun says:

    Do you export kuroiler chicken to Nigeria

    1. Hi Michael,

      Not at the moment, we are still pushing the Kenya Veterinary board to give us export permit. Can you please check on your end what paperwork you need to import chicks?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani poultry

  37. Michael Benedict says:

    Hi! Am at Nyeri and I need kroiler chicken.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Can you please call us on 0708 923991 to order, we need to know how many you want, at what age and when.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani POultry

  38. mukhtar ahmed says:

    i want the 4 weeks chicks
    am in mombasa

    1. Hi Mukhtar,

      We are located in Thika, you can either get someone who is travelling from Nairobi to travel with them for you or you can come for them. how many chicks do you want to order?

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  39. roseline says:

    congratulations for kuroilers

      1. Liz says:

        Hi i need 20 kuroiler chicks of 4wks and be transported to TLM, Kasarani or any other point nearest Kahawa West, i would like to know when to receive them and the process to pay the 20%.

        1. Hi Liz,

          We have 4 week Kuroiler selling @ 290 each, you need to pay the 20% to our Till no. 811311. I will drop them at TRM on Sunday at 3pm.
          Call us on 0708 923991 to confirm your order.

          Kind regards
          Ziwani Poultry

  40. I have heard about the Kuroiler chicks that you can supply and got interested. I have an incubator and would wish to hatch my chicks. I would wish to know if you sell eggs and at how much per egg and what is the minimum number of eggs you can sell at one go. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Dorcus,

      Yes we do supply Kuroiler chicks, but I am afraid we are not currently selling eggs due to chicks demand.
      Please check again in a months time.

      Kine Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  41. Samuel Mwangi says:

    Hi ziwani am in naivasha n Nataka ten chick one month old what the price n nitazipata aje?

    1. Hi Samwachi.

      We currently have the 4 weeks (1 month) old chicks in stock so let us know when you require them. I might be coming to KALRO Naivasha next week so I can come with them or you can arrange for them to be delivered via Shuttle.

      Many thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  42. Mwaura says:

    I salute your website Ziwani for the timely and precise responses.I’m in need of a hundred four week old chicks.Are they available and can you drop them at Umoja?

    1. Hi Mwaura,

      Yes we have them available at the moment, but I normally arrange with customers to pick them from Thika Road Mall.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  43. Mbarak Awadh says:

    i need around 1000 chicks.please call me my phone no:0716088933..because i want to know more about your kuroilers.

    1. Hi Mbarak,

      I have tried a few times to call you but no answer. Please call us on 0708 923991.

      kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  44. Alfred Syengo says:

    I come from Kibwezi and need to buy around 200 one week old Kuroilerchicks

    1. Hi Alfred,

      We are located in Thika, but we do deliver orders to Thika Road Mall, Kassarani. When do you require the 200 chicks?
      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  45. fatuma osundwa says:

    i need 100 of 1week kuroiler. Am in Lugari. How do i get them n whats the procedure

    1. Hi Fatuma,

      You can arrange how to collect them from Nairobi, Where about in Lugari, what part of Kenya. We might be able to ship the chicks via your local shuttle services, but you pay for the delivery.
      kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  46. Mustafa Rashid says:

    i wish to get 100 one day old chicks though i stay in mombasa. thus advice me if you have a branch in mombasa

    waiting for response.

    thank you in advance

  47. ERICK OLELA says:

    Thanks for your continued support to chicken farmers.
    I would like to order for 4 weeks old chicks.I stay in Kitengela.
    Do you offer delivery? and at what cost?kindly advice

    1. Hi Erick,

      Thanks for the compliment. We do Deliver to Thika, along Thika Road and TRM (Thika Road Mall). I think for you TRM is closest. We deliver to TRM every Sunday afternoon and on some weekdays (on arrangement).

      kind regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  48. Brighton says:

    Am located in Maungu not far from Voi. Confirm on the prices of one week old kuroiler chicks and delivery status to Maungu. Also confirm on what vaccinations have been conducted on the one week old kuroiler chicks.

  49. Ahmed Takoy says:

    I am delighted to meet ziwani poultry
    I have been searching for the last two years.
    I am interested and willing to start small scale poultry farming at my home area which northeastern kenya
    I am currently working in Somalia. But willbe back to Kenya on the 1st of October 2015.
    I am highly interested to start this business please advice me on the government regulations before i start it,
    I was also asking if you have an office in nairobi so that i can come and seek for more advice from your customer care agents.
    I am kindly requesting if you can reply through email .
    Thanks God bless

  50. Fazul Juma says:

    Hi ziwani, I am interested in your kuroiler chick’s and now need 200 chick’s of three weeks. is it possible for you to supply them to Moyale, and where can I get the drugs

  51. Jennifer Moraa says:

    I need 1000 fertilized eggs for incubation

  52. Dele Segun says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please do you supply kuroiler chicken to Nigeria

  53. lucy says:

    cograts for what you are doing.i aminterested in keeping kroiler chicks,do you guys advice farmers who buy from you on marketing

  54. Antony Muthama says:

    Hi, am in thika and i would like to order for 4 weeks old chicks and i would like to know if its good to feed them with fast broiler starter mash then kienyeji mash. please advice as soon as you get the e-mail because i would like the project to kick as soon as possible.

  55. Patrick jumba says:

    I need 70..one week chicks…how do I get h before

  56. AMOS says:

    very good, where are you located? am in kitui.

  57. Ian kimani says:

    Hi i would like to order for six four weeks old chicks two male four female and i am in kahawa west

  58. AMOS says:

    thanx ziwani for your commitment, i would like to buy 100 chicks, 4 weeks old starting jan 2016. 30 male 70 female. am in KITUI. PLS ASSIST.

  59. Cyrus says:

    Am located at nakuru County in molo, i need 50 point of lay kuroiler hens, how can i get them and at what cost

  60. rose njoroge says:

    hi do you allow visitors in your facility.would love to come see the chicks. so I decide what age to purchase.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Please call us on 0708 923991.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  61. hey please send me info on how to get the chicks where are you located if its easy to get the chicks to kakamega

    1. Hi Barbara,

      We are located in Thika East along Garissa Road. its quite difficult to send eggs to Kakamega because the shuttle services do not accept to transport unaccompanied chicks. you can either collect them from Nairobi or arrange with a friend travelling to Kakamega to travel with them. We are more then happy to drop them in Nairobi.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  62. wangechi says:

    I would like to acquire 1000 week old kuroilers. pls advise on availability.

    1. Hi Wangechi,

      Please call us on 0708 923991

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  63. Angate G says:

    I am great knowing you. kindly, which & how can one know the commercial feeds sppropriate for feeding. Do you also buy eggs & @ what price?

    1. Hi Angate,

      There are lots of feeds formulae on the net at the moment, just google and you’ll find them.

      We are not buying eggs at the moment.

      many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  64. Raphael Mugo says:

    Plz do you sell fully grown kuroiler hens that are fully immunised and ready to lay eggs? Also is the market ready and do you sell barttery cages. Am in Murang’a

    1. Hi Raphael,

      Yes we do sell POL (point of lay) chicken, unfortunately they are all sold our, check with us in a couple of months. Sorry we don’t sell cages. We like our birds all free to roam and scavenge.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  65. Evans Onduko says:

    I’ m interested in the Kuroiler chicken and would like to 50 to 100 4weeks old chicks. Please tell me how to get to or where you are located so I can come and pick them up

    1. Hi Evans,

      Thank you for you enquiry. We are located in a small town called Ngoliba in Thika East.
      Please click below to see our location on Google map.

      Ziwani Poultry Location

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  66. George mwanza says:

    I am interested to know the cost of 500 2/3 week old kuroiler delivered to Lilongwe in Malawi

    1. Hi George,

      The price of 2 weeks old- Ksh160 ($1.6), while 3 weeks old is Ksh220 ($2.2) each. We haven’t shipped to Malawi before, bear with us while we try to find out the shipping cost to Lilongwe.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  67. akinyi says:

    I would like to book for 20 chicks i.e 10 broilers and 10 layers both1 week old.
    How much will I spend?

    1. Hi Akinyi.

      Am afraid we don’t sell Broilers of Layers
      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  68. ELYSEE says:

    Hi.Am really interested with this business. Can you send to Kinshasa DRC?

  69. hussein says:

    hello i have a farm in tanzania.i would like to buy 4 weeks chick from you. how can you deliver and what are the means for payment.
    i want to start a few only around 10 chick.
    than after i will buy more.
    please assist me.
    thank you

    1. Hi Hussein,

      As par our telephone conversation. We can send the 4 weeks old chicks to you but they will cost more since the bus services charge per box.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  70. AMOS says:

    thanx ziwani, i bought 4wk kuroiler chicks from you on 31st dec, and now after two weeks they have dificulties in breathing, actualy you can hear them breath with a scrowling sound every morning but wen its hot they seem active. pls advice.

  71. AMOS says:

    thx for ua imediate reply, but i thot that it was becoz of coldness so iput a lamp overnjght and they seemed to be good but not yet. should i still give them medicine?. my ventilation is wide on one side ad i put a nylon paper to add warmth. so at 8wks do thy need to be warmed? what about feeding? KINDLY ADVICE. its my first time.

  72. AMOS says:

    thx 4 helping. they have no diarrhea…, about feeding?.

  73. coulibaly seydou says:

    Ziwani congrats for this good work and best opportunity giving to Africa. Iam from cote d’ivoire and would like introduce these chicken in my country. Please give me the cost to shipp them to Abidjan.I need 500 one week old chick of Kari and of Kuroiler. Phone number: +225 07178234/ +225 01420263

    1. Hi Coulibaly,

      Thank you for your interest in our products, Please call us on +234 708923991.

      Also not that we are also selling ducklings; Pekin, Mallards Khaki Campbell and other breeds.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  74. Brian K Rutto says:

    hi and congrats to ur well done work and nurturing youths and families at large. I’d really like to start with two boxes of one-week-old of you’re chicks. what’s the cost and I’m located at Narok.

    1. Hi Brian,

      One week old chicks go for Ksh100 each, and a box will carry 80 chicks, therefore two chicks boxes will take 160 chicks, that Ksh16,000.
      I am not sure how much they charged last time to Narok, but you’ll have to pay for a seat and they driver also demands some payment since they’ll have to call you once they arrive and also take care of the chicks on the travel.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  75. Joel says:

    Hi Ziwan. Wish to get 200 a week old kuroiler chicks. Advice the total cost and transport to Keroka and period of waiting if I pay say next week. Thanks

    1. Hi Joel,

      Week old chicks are Ksh100 each. Where are they being transported to? Waiting Period for a week old chicks is 3 weeks.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  76. john brown says:

    Hi nice job i need 1000 kuroiler 200 broiler 200 vanaraja 200 giriraja 200 legbar 200gramapriya and 1000 rhode island red am in Nigeria how do i get it plz

    1. john brown says:

      Plz the kuroiler will be 4 weeks old

      1. Hi John,

        Please call us on 0708 923991

        Many thanks
        Ziwani Poultry

    2. Hi John,

      Please call us on 0708 923991

      Many thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  77. Macloud Chavula says:

    Are you able to ship 2 week chicks / or fertilised eggs to Mzuzu; northern Malawi. If so, what are the costs and logistics

    1. Hi MaCloud,

      Yes we can ship either of them.

      A tray of eggs is $10 while a 2 weeks old chick goes for $1.6

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Farm Team

    2. Loti says:


      How far did you go with this? I am also interested to make an order from them my farm is in Kasungu but wanted to hear from you first. can your please share your feedback with me my email is loti.loti@yahoo,com or WhatsApp +23276665312

      1. Hi Loti,

        just search for Ziwani Poultry on Facebook. Alternatively you can call us on +254708923991, we are also on WhatsApp.

        Many thanks
        Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  78. Liz says:

    At what age do this Kuroilers start laying eggs

    1. Hi Liz,

      They will start laying at 5.5 months of age, but that will depend on how you look after the; therefore good quality of feeds and enough amount.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Farm Happy Team

  79. p githaiga says:


    Just to clarify, can Kuroiler live without the farmer giving it additional feed in the evening if there’s space for it to look for food on its own e.g. Laikipia where there’s lots of space although its abit dry but has bushes.


    1. Hi Githaiga,

      Yes they can be free ranged. just make sure they have plenty of space to scavenge and like you said you will need to give them some feeds as supplements.

      kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  80. umar farooq says:

    i need 10000 chicken

    1. Hi Umar,

      Where are you located and when do you want them?

      Call us on +275 708923991

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  81. Ben Okwaro says:

    I want to start poultry farming, rearing chicken for meat and rearing chicken for eggs, which is more profitable in Kenya?

    1. Hi Ben,

      You can do Kari or Kuroiler chicken. Kari have more eggs.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  82. Obday Muchindu says:

    Is it possible to supply chicks to Zambia, Lusaka.

    1. Hi Obday,

      Yes we can send them to Zambia. minimum order is 1000 chicks.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  83. Victor says:

    Where are you located am victor

    1. Hi Victor,

      We are located in Ngoliba along Garissa Road, Thika.
      Please click on the link below for our location on Google Maps.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Happy Team

  84. martin says:

    I placed my order waiting for the delivery

    1. Hi Martin,

      Please call us so that discus the order, when you make payment to Lipa na Mpesa you need to call and confirm with us of how many you want and at what age,

      many thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  85. zanab shah says:

    Hii, am looking for kuroiler chicken do u have them n what is the price for each?

    1. Hi Zanab,

      Yes we do have them, please click on the link below for prices:

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry farm

  86. naomi nabutola says:

    hello where are you people located. am in kitale town and am interested in your business. how can i get you products iwant 200 one day old chicks.

    1. Hi Naomi,

      We are in Thika. We do send them all over the country, we can send them to Kitale. When do you require the chicks?
      Contact us on 0708923991

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry farm

  87. jonathan says:

    Do u incur the cost of transport to Malindi?

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      No, transport cost is uncured buy the buyer. We ship all over East Africa, can you imagine us incuring costs to chicks tranported to Burundi, Somalia?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Team

  88. jonathan says:

    Do you deliver in Malindi (coast)

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Yes we do send them.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Farm

  89. evanson kinyua says:

    Am I need of kuroiler chicks one week old that will grow all into corks am in kirinyaga is it possible

    1. Hi Evanson,

      Week old chicks are Ksh100, we can select just cocks for you and send them to Kirinyaga or you can collect from the farm.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Farm

  90. Nana Bonnie says:

    Hi , I am Nana from Ghana and I was wondering if you ship to Ghana .

    1. Hi Nana,

      yes we can ship to Ghana, How many do you require and when?

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry Farm

      1. Nana Bonnie says:

        I need about 300 2 week old chicks . 250 hens and 50 cocks if possible. How much will that cost sir? Including freight to Ghana .

        1. Hi Nana,

          2 weeks old Kuroiler chicks are Ksh160 ($1.6) per chicks, therefore, 300 chicks are $480. I’ll have to check with my Agent to find out how much it’ll cost you to shi them.

          Kind Regards
          Ziwani Poultry Farm

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