KARI Kienyeji chicks

News on 12 Oct , 2014
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Four weeks old KARI chicks

Four weeks old KARI chicks on sale at Ziwani Poultry in Kenya – improve poultry farming

At Ziwani Poultry we sell good strong chicks. KARI kienyeji chicken are excllent layers. We start selling our chicks at one week old to ensure they are strong enough for their new home. Our breeding from was bought from Kenya Agriculture Research Institute in Naivasha, therefore the chicks and hatching eggs are 100% KARI. Please visit out Products page for more information. You can also contact us or order chicks

20 thoughts on “KARI Kienyeji chicks

  1. Ogola says:

    How much do you sell kienyeji chick 4 weeks old

  2. Wycliffe says:

    Hi, I need 100 improved kari kienyeji chicks in Kisii town, how can they be delivered to me?

    1. Hi Wycliffe,

      Thank you for your enquiry, We normally use the local shuttle or buses to your area. You need to ask them how much they would charge a box of chicks. You should expect a waiting time of 3 weeks since the time you pay your deposit for your order – Lipa Na Mpesa till no. 811311.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  3. joe kamau says:

    i would like to purchase 50 chicks of 1 week old. kindly will you let me know your exact location coz am currently in kasarani and the price. i need them by friday if posible

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your comment. We moved to Thika, Garrisa Road. I live in Kassarani so if you make the order and pay the 20% deposit you can collect them from Kassarani.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  4. Mike Mwangi says:

    Hello, am in eldoret and needed the kari kienyeji, 4 weeks old. What’s the price for 20 of them plus the transportation cost.
    Pls mail me.

    1. Hi Mike,

      4 week old chicks cost Ksh 290 each, at the moment no bus or shuttle service will accept to transport unaccompanied chicks, so please check if you have a friend or relative travelling from Nairobi to Eldoret to travel with the chicks for you.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  5. Joan Namoyi says:

    Good to know about Ziwani Poultry if i need chicks from you do i need to place an order? How long does it take before i pick my order once i have placed an order.
    Thank you and regards

    1. Hi Joan,

      Yes you need to place an order. Waiting depends on how many birds you want and at what age, sometimes you might be lucky that we have them in stock, for day old chicks you only wait for a few days or a week.

      Kind regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  6. am interested in poultry farming and would like to learn from you before i commence.Can i visit your farm so that i can see how you do your thing?

    1. Hi Wycliffe,

      Yes you can visit the farm although there some areas that you won’t be able to gain access to because of bio-security. call us on 0708 923991

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  7. Paul says:

    Am excited meeting info on Kuroiler. Am in nairobi planing to start keeping chicken.
    my questions are;
    1.Can Kuroiler be kept in free range or they need special housing?
    2. Can Kuroiler feed like kienyenji or they need purely special feeding?
    3. Do you have veterinaries who can guide a beginner on vaccinations to enable budgeting for the same as one makes an order?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes they can be kept in free range, the only problem is that they won’t grow as fast as they should since they will be running around lossing too much energy resulting in slower growth.
      They can scavenge just like Kienyeji but the point above will apply; they feed on grass, bugs, worms and leftovers but you need to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. I would advice you to give them chick mash till they get to at least 1.5 month, then you let them loose.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  8. Stephen Kimani says:

    My name is Stephen Kimani. How long do the Kari kienyeji chicken take to mature until they start laying Eggs…?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Kari hen take 5.5 months (five and a half months) to start laying, but you would need to feed them the right amount of feeds and good quality feeds to get them to lay at that age.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Farm Team

  9. Michael Ole Tiemasi says:

    Dear Ziwani,

    Good to know about Ziwani poultry; am in Ruai Joska and Interested in poultry farming.
    I would like to know how much do you sell mature cockerels POL (point of lay) hens in a variety of breeds.

    Thank you and kind regards,
    Michael Tiemasi

    1. Hi Ole Tiemasi,

      At the moment we only have Kuroiler Cockerels for sale at Ksh1000 each.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Farm Team

  10. esk says:

    do you ship to tz?

    1. Hi Esk,

      Yes we do. where about in Tz are you?

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry Farm Happy Team

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