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Indian Runner Ducks

Indian Runner Duck

Indian Runner Ducks

The Indian Runner ducks, also known as Runner Ducks, are the Leghorn of the duck family. Just like Campbell ducks they are prolific layers. This breed originated in India, and introduced to the rest of the world in the 1850s. The Runner duck is one of the most easily recognisable ducks, they stand erect like penguins and, rather than waddling, they run. Indian Runner ducks have a distinctive type, the long, flat, straight head and long, slender neck forming, in shape, and umbrella handle and stem; the back should be long, straight and carried upright, and with the body should take on almost horizontal bearing.

At Ziwani Poultry farm we have over 8 duck breeds at our farm. Indian Runner ducks are beautiful birds. Indian Runner duck has always been popular due to their charm, striking appearance and high egg production, they lay 300 – 350 eggs per year. The Indian Runner do not have too much size, adult drakes (male) are about 1.8kg, while ducks (female) are 1.5kg. One of good quality is that Indian Runner ducks are practically non-sitters and are popular because of their prolific egg production which rivals the 250 egg strains of chickens.

Indian Runner duck are great water fowls for the ranch pond, they make good backyard ducks and are good for insect control. Runner duck is calm, sociable and very entertaining as pets. The Indian Runner duck is a slower grower than the Pekin. They also make good show ducks.

Our prices here at the farm for Day old – adult birds are as follows (price is per bird):

  1 – 10 10 – 50 51 +
Day old Ksh350 Ksh325 Ksh300
Week old Khs450 Ksh425 Ksh400
Month old Ksh750 Ksh725 Ksh700
Mature Ksh3500 Ksh3250 Ksh3000

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