Hubbard – JA57 Ki.

News on 22 Mar , 2019
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Hubbard Day old chicks

Hubbard JA57 Ki Day Old chicks @ only Ksh70 each.

At Ziwani Poultry we are now selling a new breed from Hubbard, the JA57 Ki. The JA57 Ki is a recessive female which allows the offspring bred from these breed to possess the male’s phenotype; meaning, all the chicks will look like the male (cock), therefore is the male is black, all the chicks will be black.

There are other range of 3 females with different characteristics. But we decided to use the JA57 Ki. JA 57 Ki: boasts the best PS productivity, with more than 227 eggs. at 68 weeks, and allows chicks to be feather sexed. The chicks are slow growing broilers just like the Kenbro, but they can be reared as kienyeji. They adapt easily as free ranged and are resistant to disease.

The Kenbro as we know it in Kenya is a breed from Hubbard, they supplied the Redbro to Kenchick who then called it Kenbro.

We use brown and black Differentiated Growth males. These are able to satisfy the requirements of farmers seeking marketable live weights of 1.4 to 3.0 Kg at a minimum age of 40 to 70 days. That is around 2.5Kgs in 60 days or 2 months, when well feed according to Hubbard’s Guidance Manual

Hubbard JA57 Ki

Hubbard JA57 Ki Breed

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21 thoughts on “Hubbard – JA57 Ki.

  1. Angeline Nyongesa says:

    Am interested in the Breed, If left to maturity do the female sit on their eggs and the male fertilize

    1. Hi Angeline,

      No they do not sit on eggs, but with jogoos the eggs will be fertile do you can use a broody hen or an incubator to hatch them.

      Kind regards
      Ziwani poultry farm

  2. Job Nyangena says:

    Hi, I am in Nairobi and interested in the new JA 57 -ki breed, how much will 8 week old chicks cost?

    1. Hi Job,

      8 weeks old are ksh450 each.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani poultry farm

  3. SHEHU Uba says:

    I am interested in this new breed JA 57 Ki can I get them to Nigeria?

    1. Hi Shehu,

      Yes we can send them, how many chicks do you require? Contact us on WhatsApp +254708923991.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani poultry farm

  4. Didace Tuyizigire says:

    How can I get this breed (JA 57 Ki) in Burundi?

  5. donald Mwinzi says:

    I visited Ngoliba site and impressed by varieties of poultry I live in Kasarani Nairobi, where is your contract office.

    1. Hi Donald,

      We only operate from the farm in Ngoliba.

      Many thanks,
      Ziwani poultry farm

  6. chrispine ochieng says:

    kindly how long does it take to start laying and at40 to 70 days can they be sold for meat like kenchick broilers

    1. Hi Chrispine,

      They an be slaughtered from 60 days, they start laying at 4.5 months.

      Kind regards,
      Ziwani poultry farm

      1. chrispine ochieng says:

        can transportation be done for 100 chicks to bungoma and at what cost.

      2. Didace Tuyizigire says:

        Do you think I can be possible to supply to Burundi?

        1. Hi. Didace,

          Yes we can supply to Burundi. What products do you want from our farm?

          Kind regards,
          Ziwani poultry farm

          1. Hi,
            Would you give me the price for 300 one week old Kuroila chicks? . Include in the price the shipping cost to Bujumbura.

  7. Kepha says:

    Hubbard – JA57 Ki.
    Dear ziwani am interested in the above breed give more detail.

    1. Hi Kepha,

      There is plenty of details on that page, you can also visit Hubbard’s website for more info.
      Kind regards
      Ziwani poultry farm

      1. fredrick says:

        am interested with the new breed how can i get one week old chick and it’s cost.

  8. Edward Kissakye says:

    I am Edward Kissakye living in Uganda. How can i get this breed of chicken.

  9. Susan says:

    Very good pictures. Where are you based

    1. Hi Susan,

      We are in Ngoliba along Garissa Road, Thika. Call us on 0708923991.

      Kind regards,
      Happy Ziwani Poultry Team

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