Day old prices

News on 10 Aug , 2015
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day old chicks

day old chicks being transported to Nyanyuki

We are now selling day old chicks; Kuroilers, KARI and Kenbro from 1 day old. Please find thie prices below. You can collect them from the farm in Ngoliba.

We also use shuttle services to deliver to farmers in various towns, e.g. Nakuru, Naivasha, Nyeri, Nyanyuki, Machakos, Meru etc. please contact us to find out if we can arrange for delivery in your area.

NOTE: you pay for the transport if you want them delivered via shuttle.
Also discount on orders of 1000+ chicks, with Day old Kari and Kuroiler going for Ksh75 while Week old are Ksh90 each

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23 thoughts on “Day old prices

  1. michael hunt says:

    do you sale 4.5 month old kuroiler chicken with all shots, worm, and healthy? How much?

    1. Hi Michael,

      We do not have POL.

      kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry


    1. Hi Pascally,

      Minimum order for day old to 2 weeks old is 50 chicks.

      Kind Regards
      Ziwani Poultry

  3. needs 150 chicks and am stationed at kericho. how long will i get to have them delivered.

    1. Hi David,

      Please call us on 0708923991.

      Many thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  4. joan ongoche says:

    hello i’m joan in nairobi but i need 50 kienyeji .will it be safe to travel with them to nyanza thats where i want to keep them .please give me all the information on their upkeep

    1. Hi Joan,

      Yes they will be safe to travel to Nyanza. do you want day old or a week old chicks? You need to buy our Kienyeji Rearing Manual (soft copy) which sells at Ksh250. The manual will guide you on how to rear the chicks all the way to maturity. If you buy the chicks you get the manual for free.

      Kind Regards,
      Ziwani Poultry

  5. caroline jebet says:

    hi iam caroline from kajiado i want to place some order fo 200 two wkx old kuroiler chicks … soon will i get them and how much again please advice me on the cost to kajiado

    1. Hi Caroline,

      I am not sure if its the same Caroline that bought chicks a few months back and we sent them to Narok, if it is, how are they doing?
      Please call us on 0708 923991 to make the booking There is a high demand on the chicks at the moment, therefore you might have to wait for about 3 weeks for your order.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

      1. caroline jebet says:

        hi this is caroline from kajiado …not narok i needed to bood 200 two wks old how much deposit iam i to pay

  6. Lilian Kiptoo says:

    Please i want to know whether you can transport one day chicks to me here Kabarnet Baringo.

    1. Hi Lilian,

      We are having difficulties to send chicks in parts of Rift Valley and Nyanza since no bus service want to transport the chicks Unaccompanied. You can ask someone to travel with them from Nairobi or you collect them from Nairobi. We are more than happy to drop them at Nairobi free of charge.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  7. Stephen kinuthia says:

    I need kuroiler chicks. . Mobile +254 722126294

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Please contact us on 0708923991

      Kind regards
      Ziwani Poultry

    2. contact us on 0708 923991

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  8. I need to know the price for one kienyeji chick.

    1. Hi Etiene,

      day old chick goes for Ksh 85 while 1 week old is Ksh 100.
      for more information and prices for older chicks please click on the link below:-

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  9. kennedy mongare says:

    Jambo, am interested in buying 20 kuroiler chicks …one week old and i stay in Mombasa , pls advise on delivery and total cost. It should be genuine kuroiler.

    1. Hi Kennedy,

      We cannot send them to Mombasa since the bus services do not accept to transport unaccompanied chicks to Mombasa. just like other long distances:- Coast, Western, Nyanza and some Rift Valley regions we advice customers to either collect the chicks from Nairobi or Arrange with a friend whos travelling from Nairobi to their region.

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  10. Tom says:

    How does one become a distributor?

    1. Hi Tom,

      Call us on 0708 923991

      Many Thanks
      Ziwani Poultry

  11. Edwin Mwendwa Mutua says:

    I need kuroiler chicks..hw can i gem em

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